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The Life Ursus reintroduction project

REINTRODUCTION FEASIBILITY.  Before carrying out the plan, the ”Istituto Nazionale della Fauna Selvatica” was charged of analyzing feasibility and chance of succes of the possible introduction (feasibility study). Sixty parameters were analyzed, from environmental features to  social economical sides, over a surface of 6500 square kilometres, bigger than Trento province itself.   Results were encouraging: over 1.700 square .kilometres were suitable to bear presence and more than the 70% of the inhabitants of the area agreed with the reintroduction of the plantigrades.

·        CARRYING OUT THE PLAN From 1999 through 2002, 10 individuals captured in Slovenia were released, the main part of them feeling at ease the new environment so that in 2002 nine new born cubs were recorded.

2KIRKAF3551999given birth to 2 cubs (2002)
5IRMAF5-61132000dead under an avalanche
7VIDAF3-4702001in Austria?
10MAYAF5-6862002given birth 2 cubs (2003)

·          LONG TERM GOALS:  re-establishment in a ten years term of a vital population of about 40-60 adult bears, that  might expand their presence in neighbouring provinces as well. No further releases are expected.

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